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Video details police violence in Exarchia

In Greece on 19 November 2014 at 10:37 am
(Screengrab: YouTube)

(Screengrab: YouTube)

Damning video footage has emerged showing the heavy-handed tactics of police in the central Athens district of Exarchia on Monday night after the protest marches commemorating the 1973 Polytechnic uprising.

According to the video, recorded by photographer Chloe Kritharas, a young man claiming to work at a kiosk on Exarchia Square was beaten when he asked a riot policeman, who he said had taken a bottle of water, to pay for it. A policeman can be seen pulling the man by his collar while others strike him on the back with truncheons, verbally abusing him and others.

The recording also shows officers from the Delta rapid-response motorcycle unit waving batons in the air as they drove in columns through the streets.

The police on Tuesday said it had ordered the launch of an internal inquiry and preliminary investigation into the incident at the kiosk by its internal affairs department.

In another message on Facebook, Kritharas claims on the same evening she was chased by a riot policeman who shouted “Give me your fucking ID, bitch” before kicking her.


German exchange student assaulted by Greek police

In Greece on 18 November 2014 at 11:42 am
(Photo: Ni Ls/Facebook)

(Photo: Ni Ls/Facebook)

This is a German exchange student Ni Ls (obviously a shortened version of his real name). Yesterday he claims he was assaulted by a number police in Athens and beaten with batons as he stood by himself on a street corner near a demonstration taking place in the centre of Athens, where thousands of people were marching on the 41st anniversary of the 1973 Polytechnic uprising against the junta.

On his Facebook page, he wrote: “Got beaten up by GREEK POLICE. Stood in a street close to a demonstration. Had no weapons, my face was uncovered, I was just standing alone in a corner raising my hands to show I am unarmed. They just beat me down with sticks. I did not do anything, I said nothing. When I was lying on the ground screaming even more policemen came to beat me. Hiding at the place of some very nice greek people now. What kind of country is this where you have to be scared of the police???”

Let’s see what the police and the interior minister have to say about another incident of disgraceful behaviour by the police in the capital.

(Photo: Ni Ls/Facebook)

(Photo: Ni Ls/Facebook)