Damian Mac Con Uladh


Thank’s for visiting my blog. My name is Damian Mac Con Uladh and I live in Greece, where I’m a staff journalist at EnetEnglish, the international online edition of the Eleftherotypia daily. Freelance correspondent for the Irish Times. Previously with the Athens News.

  1. Hi Damian,

    nice to hear you from this blog!

    Take care


  2. Lick my pits – it’s Damian as I live, breathe and break wind! Mike “Wee Sma” Gilmour here, father of one (and soon to be two). Can’t quite get this MySpace thing together and answer your addition to our friends. So I hope you check this now and again. Drop me a line if you can. By the way, we’ve just made a film (at the weekend there) which should be ready for buying/burning/gifting/re-gifting by Xmas 2009. Poop. All’s well here in Hamburg, but I don’t get around much anymore. Steve McKee is still here round the corner and we slurp latte’s and complain about the youth of today on a regular basis. Other than that, it’s very German all round here. Anyhow, hoots-ho, hope every one’s a floater, Mike

  3. can you provide me with an email address? I would like to ask you some things.

  4. I tried emailing your back but the message was returned. I don’t want to paste my email here, but you can find me on social media.

  5. […] city of Corinth was liberated from German occupation. Freelance journalist (and Corinthia resident) Damian Mac Con Uladh has done a little investigative work and posted to his blog an original news story […]

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