Damian Mac Con Uladh

Some questions for Greece’s tourism agency EOT

In Greece on 11 November 2014 at 7:42 pm
Screengrab from EOT's Visit Greece website

Screengrab from EOT’s Visit Greece website

Greek tourism agency EOT has issued a very detailed statement in Greek on the controversy surrounding the video it launched last week.

The statement is unclear in some key aspects and I have asked EOT for clarification on a number of issues. I have decided to publish these questions before receiving a reply as EOT’s statement will be reproduced in full in the bulk of Greece’s media without the necessary questions being asked. This is what invariably happens when press releases are issued late in the day to media organisations that haven’t or won’t follow the story.

My questions are:

1. EOT mentions that Andonis Kioukas, the video’s producer, confirmed to it in writing that it had rights to use the footage of timelapse photographer Stian Rekdal. When was this written statement provided to EOT? Was it before November 10 or on November 10, ie after the publication of my article in which Rekdal clearly stated that he had not been asked for his permission to use his footage.

2. EOT’s statement does not mention if it has rights to the material belonging to Australian photographer Alex Cherney. Does EOT have permission to use his work? Has Kioukas has confirmed this in writing?

3. The watermarks on both Rekdal’s and Cherney’s footage were not visible in the EOT video (ie they were cloned out) while the watermarks of at least two Greek photographers who were credited as sources were left in place. Why was Mr Rekdal’s watermark removed if EOT claims it has rights to use his work? Who removed these watermarks and why?


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