Damian Mac Con Uladh

Family of murdered Golden Dawn member demand party stop using his image

In Greece on 15 October 2014 at 10:44 am


The family of one of two Golden Dawn members who were shot dead in a gun attack last year is seeking a court injunction to ban the neonazi party from using his name image for political purposes.

Manos Kapelonis, 22, and Yiorgos Fountoulis, 26, were standing outside a Golden Dawn branch office in the northern Athens suburb of Neo Iraklio when a masked man opened fire, killing one on them instantly and leaving the other fatally wounded. A third man was injured in the 1 November 2013 attack.

Accoring to a report in Ethnos newspaper, Kapelonis’ parents and sister have now asked Athens first instance court to prohibit Golden Dawn from using their dead son’s name and image for political purposes, which they say is “absolutely incompatible with the nature of his beliefs and ideals and is offensive to his personality”.

The case is due to be heard on 23 November. On Tuesday, the court officials rejected to give the family a temporary injunction banning the party from using Kapelonis name and image until the case comes before court.

Since the killing, Golden Dawn has erected banners depicting Kapelonis and Fountoulis on party offices across the country as well as on a roadside billboard on highway south of Athens. Their faces also appear as backdrops in Golden Dawn televised broadcasts. Kapelonis’ family says that these giant images of their deceased loved one, which they see regularly, causes them immense emotional pain.

In May, Lampros Fountoulis, the father of Yiorgos Fountoulis, the other victim of the attack, was elected an MEP for Golden Dawn.

Two weeks after the double murder, a group styling itself as the Militant Popular Revolutionary Forces claimed responsibility for the attack, for which no one has been arrested.


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